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Kosmopol is an award winning cocktail bar located in the heart of Chelsea. It is a Swedish owned bar and therefore has a Scandi touch with its light and fresh interior and welcoming atmosphere. Is has been running in the same intimate venue for almost 12 years and has no plans of leaving Chelsea and its amazing customers. It is a favourite amongst the locals but also attracts customer from far away.


One can say that Kosmopol has two faces, it is both calm and relaxed and a party animal. It has two bars, the cocktail bar upstairs and the club downstairs. The cocktail bar is opened 6 days a week while the club is open only on Fridays and Saturdays or for private functions. 


Not only does Kosmopol offer you delicious cocktails but you can also enjoy the best hot dogs in the area, a lovely charcuterie platter or why not a cheese board to go with your wine?


This place is definitely a perfect spot for your afterwork, date, pre-dinner, party or why not for your corporate function. 

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