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Bombay sapphire, st germain elderflower liqueur, lemon juice shaken with a champagne top. £12.5

Water Melon Martini

Fresh watermelon infused with Russian standard vodka. £10.5

Vanilla French Martini

Cariel vanilla vodka shaken with pineapple juice and chambord. £10.5


Vodka shaken with fair goji berry liqueur, pomegranate juice and sweet and sour. £10.5

Jaeger Blod

Interesting mix of jaegermeister, raspberry and pineapple. tasting is believing. £10.5

Mexican Flip

Tequila reposado, st germain elderflower, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg yolk, finished off with a cinnamon dust. £10.5

Van v/x

Appleton v/x rum mixed with fresh limes, lychee juice and vanilla sugar. £10.5

Chivas Manhattan

Chivas regal 12yr and grand marnier stirred up with parts of martini rosso, noilly prat, bitters and maraschino syrup. £12.5

The Wolfberry Fizz

Fair goji liqueur, white chocolate and hints of lemon served with champagne. healthy and naughty. £13

Classic Champagne Cocktail

Sugar, bitters, courvoisier cognac, grand marnier, champagne, garnished with a zest of orange. £13


Absolut mandrin and fresh passion fruit mixed with champagne and a touch of chambord liqueur. £13

Swedish Spring Punch

Forest berries, lemon and gomme shaken with vodka. served over crushed ice in a tall glass with a top of champagne. £13


Fresh passion fruit, apricot liqueur with a top of champagne. £13

Mojito Fizz

Fresh mint and limes muddled and shaken with havana especial served in a tall glass with crushed ice and champagne top. £13

Rum Fizz

Mount gay rum, fresh lemon juice and bitters, shaken with a top of champagne. £13

Chivas Crush

Chivas regal 12yr old shaken with fresh mint leaves, apple and lemon juice poured over crushed ice with a top of ginger beer. £10.5


Jack Daniels, fresh lemon juice, raspberry puree, sugar syrup, and cranberry juice shaken and served over crushed ice. £10.5


Fresh mint leaves, limes and a large measure of havana especial old rum shaken with soda top. The tallest mojito in town. £10.5

Lasting Passion

Vodka, fresh passion fruit juice and gomme topped with soda and a float of black raspberry liqueur. £10.5

Mai Tai

Rum, apricot liqueur, fresh lime orgeat, grenadine and pineapple juice. A tall westernized version of the classic. £10.5

Elder and Apple

Elderflower, stolichnaya vodka, apple liqueur, apple and lemon juice, shaken and poured over ice with soda top. £9.75

Golden Treasure

Large measure of bacardi oro, shaken with lychee, pineapple, fresh lemon juice and a dash of apricot liqueur. £9.75


Havana especial rum with fresh lime and fresh fruit. classic or strawberry are the best choices. £10.5


Sauza tequila, orange liqueur and fresh lime juice. straight up is the trick and passion fruit is recommended. £9.75

Tommys Margarita

Tequila, agave syrup and fresh lime. £11

Singapore Sling

A classic with bombay sapphire gin, cherry heering liqueur, bitters, lemon juice, sugar and soda. £9.75


Beefeater gin, lemon juice and sugar with a crown of crème de mure. £10.5

Long Island Iced Tea

Sauza tequila, stolichnaya vodka, havana especial rum, beefeater gin, cointreau and fresh lemon juice shaken and poured over coke. lethal. £11.5

Kosmo Breeze

A layered mix of cranberry, kiwi and lychee fruit juice and finlandia vodka, better than sea breeze? our own classic. £10.5


Beefeater gin, campari,sweet vermouth stirred up classic style with orange slice as garnish. £10.5

Sweet Kentucky

Jim beam shaken, stoli vodka, honey, apple and fresh lemon juice strained over a bed of crushed ice. £10.5


Fresh orange muddle with parts of vodka, campari, cherry marnier and maraschino syrup, served with a sugar rim. £10.5


Brugal rum, arrack sugar and fresh limes muddled with a top of lychee juice. £10.5

Little Star

Fresh strawberries and bacardi oro shaken with dash of balsamico, lime and vanilla sugar. £10.5

Very Berry

A classic short with wild forest berries and lime muddled and infused with vodka and raspberry liqueur. £10.5

Old Fashioned

Jim beam, bitters, sugar cube, stirred with orange zest and maraschino cherry garnish.£10.5

Vanilla De Cola

Fresh ginger muddled and topped with stolichnaya vanilla vodka, lemon juice, gomme, and coke float. a little favourite. £10.5

Ol’ Dirty

Fresh ginger and lemon muddled with stolichnaya citron and xante pear cognac and lychee top. £10.5

Cherry Orgasm

Vodka, kahlua, baileys, cherry marnier, amaretto and cream shaken and served frappe’. £10.5

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