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Bombay Sapphire, elderflower, lemon juice, sugar

syrupshaken with a champagne top. £12.5



Watermelon Martini

Fresh watermelon shaken with Russian Standard vodka. £10.5


Fiddich Inferno

Green grapes muddled and shaken with Glenfiddich, lemon  juice, sugar, 

apple juice and hints of inferno heat £10.5



Reyka vodka shaken with fair goji berry liqueur, pomegranate

juice and sweet and sour. £10.5


Jaeger Blood

Interesting mix of Jaegermeister, raspberry

and pineapple. tasting is believing. £10.5


Mexican Flip

Tequila , elderflower, lemon juice,

sugar syrup, egg yolk,

finished off with a cinnamon dust. £10.5


Van v/x

Sailor Jerry rum mixed with fresh limes, lychee juice

and vanilla sugar. £10.5


Chivas Manhattan

Chivas regal 12yr and cointreau

stirred up with parts of martini rosso, dry vermouth,

bitters and maraschino syrup. £12.5


South Side

Renegade gin, lemon juice, mint and gomme £10.5



Champagne cocktail


French 75

Hendricks gin, sugar syrup and hints of lemon

served with champagne. classic as can be. £13


Classic champagne cocktail

Sugar, bitters, Courvoisier cognac, orange liqueur,

champagne, garnished with a zest of orange. £13



Russian Standard vodka and fresh passion fruit mixed

with  champagne and a touch of Chambord liqueur. £13


Swedish spring punch

Forest berries, lemon and gomme shaken with

Reyka vodka. served over crushed ice in a tall

glass with a top of champagne. £13


Poire le fizz

Grey Goose poire, St Germain elder flower , lime squeeze

topped with champagne. £13



Fresh passion fruit, Apricot liqueur with a

top of champagne. £13


Mojito fizz

Fresh mint and limes muddled and shaken with

Bacardi oro served in a tall glass with crushed

ice and champagne top! £13


Rum fizz

Rum, fresh lemon juice and bitters, shaken with a

top of champagne. Prince William had this one! £13



Long drink


Chivas crush

Chivas 12yr old shaken with fresh mint leaves,

apple and lemon juice poured over crushed ice with a top

of ginger beer. £10.5



Jack Daniels, fresh lemon juice, raspberry puree, sugar

syrup, and cranberry juice shaken and

served over crushed ice. £10.5



Fresh mint leaves, limes and a large measure of Bacardi gold rum 

shaken with soda top.

The tallest mojito in town. £10.5


Lasting passion

Russian Standard vodka, fresh passion fruit juice and gomme

topped with soda and a float of Chambord liqueur. £10.5


Mai tai

Bacardi Gold rum, Apricot liqueur, fresh lime

orgeat, grenadine and pineapple juice.

a tall westernized version of the classic. £10.5


Elder and apple

Elderflower, Haku vodka, Apple liqueur,

apple and lemon juice, shaken and poured ove ice

with soda top. £10.5


Monkey cooler

Large measure of Monkey Shoulder, shaken with lychee,

pineapple, fresh lemon juice and a dash of Apricot

liqueur. £10.5






Bacardi Gold rum with fresh lime and fresh fruit.

classic or strawberry are the best choices. £10.5



Tequila, Orange liqueur and fresh lime juice.

straight up is the trick and passion fruit is

recommended. Kate Middleton had it the classic way! £10.5


Tommys margarita

Tequila, agave syrup and fresh lime. £11


Singapore sling

A classic with Bombay Sapphire gin, Cherry Heering

liqueur, bitters, lemon juice, sugar and soda. £10.5



Hendricks gin, lemon juice and sugar with a crown

of Crème de mure. £10.5


Long island iced tea

Tequila, Reyka vodka, Bacardi Gold

rum, Roku gin, Cointreau and fresh lemon juice

shaken and poured over coke. lethal! £10.5


Monkey old fashioned

A twist on the true classic, Monkey Shoulder whisky

stirred with bitters and sugar served over a block

of ice. £11



Beefeater gin, Campari, Martini sweet vermouth stirred

up classic style with orange slice as garnish. £10.5


The Balvenie

The beautiful scotch served over a block of ice with

a twist of your choice. £12



Short drinks


Sweet Kentucky 2.0

Hudson shaken, Apple liqueur, honey, apple and fresh lemon juice strained over a bed of crushed ice. float of Laphroaig.  £10.5



Fresh orange muddle with parts of Russian Standard vodka, Campari and maraschino syrup, served with a sugar rim. £10.5



Brugal rum, arrack sugar and fresh

limes muddled with a top of lychee juice. £10.5


Little star

Fresh strawberries and Bacardi shaken with

dash of balsamico, lime and vanilla sugar. £10.5


Very berry

A classic short with wild forest berries and lime muddled

and infused with Russian Standard vodka and Raspberry liqueur. £10.5


Old fashioned

Maker Mark bourbon, bitters, sugar cube, stirred & orange zest. £11


Monkey Boulvardier

Scotch take on Negroni, Monkey Shoulder gently stirred with  Martini ambrato and Campari served with a orange zest. £10.5


Ol’ dirty

Fresh ginger and lemon muddled with Russian Standard

and Xante pear cognac and lychee top. £10.5


Cherry orgasm

Russian Standard, Kahlua, Baileys, cherry syrup, Amaretto and

cream shaken and served frappe’. £10.5




Champagne                      glass    bottle


Moet NV                                   £12.5   £70


Moet rose’                                            £95


Perrier Jouet nv                                   £70


Perrier Jouet rose’                               £90


Bollinger                                              £100


Ruinart, blanc de blanc                        £100


Ruinart rose’                                        £100


Laurent Perrier rosé                             £110


Laurent Perrier rosé Magnum              £250


Perrier Jouet Belle époque ’11             £185


Dom Perignon ’08                                £230


Krug nv                                                £300


Louis Roederer Crystal ’07                  £350


magnum, larger sizes and other vintages can be pre-ordered for special occasions



Rose’ Wines                      glass    bottle

Pinot grigio rosé                      £6        £28

Conte Vecchio, italy ’18


Astros rose’                                          £32

Cotes de Provence, france’18




White Wines                     glass    bottle

Picpoul de Pinet ‘19                £7        £28

Coteaux de Laungedoc, France


Pinot Grigio                             £7        £28

Conte Vecchio, Italy’18


Sauvignon Blanc                      £8        £31

Satellite, New Zealand’18


Sancerre                                              £40

Domaine de la Chezatte, France ’18


Chablis                                                 £42

Domaine Jean Defaix,’18, France


Sauvignon Blanc

Cloudy Bay, Australia ’17                    £45


Red Wines

Pinot noir                                £7        £28

Les Costilles, France ’18


Shiraz                                     £7        £28

The Paddock, Australia ‘18


Rioja                                        £8        £32

Vivanco, Spain ’16


Pinot noir                                             £50

Cloudy Bay, Australia ‘15


Barolo Angelo Veglio, Italy ‘14            £55


Chateauneuf du Pape, France ’15      £60

(wines served 175ml, 125ml measure on request)





Aquavit                                 50ml    bottle

O.P. Andersson                        £8.5     £150

Linie                                         £8.5     £150

Aalborg Nordguld                     £8.5     £150

Skåne                                       £8.5     £150

Ahus                                         £8.50   £150



Russian Standard                    £8.25   £150    

Absolut                                     £8.25   £150

Absolut flavors                          £8.5

Belvedere                                 £10      £170

Belvedere Magnum                              £360

Cariel Single batch                   £10

Cariel Vanilla                            £8.5

Crystal Head                            £12      £170

Crystal Head Magnum                         £400

Elyx                                          £11      £170

Grey Goose                              £10     £170

Grey Goose Magnum               £360

Grey Goose L’pear/Le citron    £11

Haku                                         £10

Karlsson’s                                 £9.5       

O de V                                      £12.5   

Reyka                                       £9.5

Stoli Elit                                    £12      £190

Zubrowka                                 £8.5


Gin & Genever

Bareksten                                £10

Beefeater                                 £8.25   £150

Beefeater 24                            £12

Bols Genever                           £9

Bombay Sapphire                    £8.75

Bombay Star of Bombay          £10

Cambridge gin                          £9        

Citadelle                                   £9

Chase                                       £10      

Gin d’Azur                                £12

Gin Mare                                  £12

Hendricks                                 £9        £160

Hendrick’s Summer Solstice    £9

Hernö                                       £11

Fishers                                     £9.5

Millers                                      £8.75

Millers Westborne strength      £9

Millers 9moons                        £16

Monkey 47                               £12

No 3                                         £9

Kongsgaard Raw gin               £9

Kyrö Napue                             £10

Kyrö Koskue                            £11

Oxley                                       £10

Plymouth                                 £8.5

Plymouth Navy strength          £9

Roku                                        £9

Sipsmith                                  £9

Tanqueray10                           £10


Scotch Whisky                      

Ardbeg 10yr                            £12

Ardbeg Corryvreckan              £18

Ardbeg Uigeadail                    £15

Auchentoshan                         £12      

The Balvenie 12yr                   £11

The Balvenie 14yr                   £18

The Balvenie17yr                    £20

Chivas Regal 12yr                   £8.5     

Chivas Regal 18yr                   £14

Dewards 18yr                          £16

Glenfiddich 12yr                      £11

Glenfiddich 15yr                      £16

Glenfiddich 21yr                      £30                  

Glenfiddich IPA                        £13

Glenfiddish XX                         £12

Glenlivet Founders reserve      £11

Glenmorangie 10yr                  £11

Glemorangie Signet                 £30

Glenrothes                               £11

Highland Park                          £11

Johnnie Walker black              £9.25

Laphroaig Islay10yr                 £12

Lagavulin 16yr                         £13

Macallan Gold Highland          £12      

Macallan Rare cask                 £34

Monkey Shoulder                     £9

Naked Grouse                          £9

Smokey Monkey                      £10

Ballantines Brazil                     £8.25

Ballantines Hardfire                 £8.25

Ballantines Finest                    £8.25

Ballantines 12yr                       £9

Ballantines 17yr                       £16

Ballantines 21yr                       £18

Ballantines 30yr                       £30


American Whiskey

Canadian Club                         £8.25

Bookers                                    £14

Bullit rye                                   £8.50

Hudson Baby bourbon             £14

Hudson rye                              £14

Jack Daniels                            £8.25            £150

Jack Daniels honey                 £8.25

Jack Daniels single barrel       £14

Jack Daniels gentlemen jack   £12      

Jim Beam                                £8.25             £150

Jim Beam double oak              £9

Jim Beam devils cut                £11

Jim Beam red stag                  £8.75

Jim Beam rye                          £9

Knob Creek                             £9.5

Makers Mark                           £8.75

Michter’s                                  £12

Woodford Reserve                  £9.5     



World whisky

Bushmills Black Bush              £8.5     

Jameson                                  £8.25

Jamesons Cask Mates              £12

Mackyra A1 Intellegence         £12

Mackmyra Specials                  £9

Nomad Outland whisky            £11

Tullamore Dew                         £8.25


Japanese Whiskey

Nikka from the barrel              £11

Hakushu distillers reserve      £14

Hibiki Harmony                       £16

Togushi 12yr                           £22

Toki                                         £11

Yamasaki 12yr                        £16

Yamazaki Distillers reserve     £14



Bacardi Superior                      £8.75

Bacardi Oakheart                     £8.75

Bacardi Gold                            £8.75

Brugal  Blanco                         £8.75

Dictador 12yr                           £13

Dictador 20yr                           £17

Diplomatico Reserva                £15

Discarded Banana peel            £11

Gold of Mauritius                      £13

Goslings Black seal                  £8.75   

Havana 7yr                               £10

Mount Gay xo                           £11

Penny Blue xo                           £15

Sailor Jerry spiced                    £8.75

Santa Teresa 1796                    £14

Wray and Nephew                     £9.5

Yuaguara                                   £9.5

Zacapa 23yr                              £18



Courvoisier VS                         £8.5

Courvoisier VSOP                    £9

Courvoisier XO                         £26

Hennessy VS                            £8.5

Hennessy XO                            £32

Martell Cordon Bleu                  £32

Martell XO                                 £32

Xante Pear Cognac                   £8


Beer & Cider       

Beer Lager                               £5.30

Beer Pilsner                             £5.50

Beer IPA                                   £5.75

Kopparberg Cider (seasonal)   £6


Aperitif / Liqueur                       

Antica Formula                        £8.25

Byrryh                                      £8.25

Amaretto                                  £8.25

Baileys                                     £8.25

Campari                                   £8.25

Jaegermeister                          £8.25

Discarded vermouth                 £8.25

Drambuie                                 £8.25

Fair Goji berry liqueur              £8.25

Fair Acai/Café/Cacao liqueur   £8.25

Frangelico                                £8.25

Galliano                                   £8.25

Italicus                                     £9.25

Kahlua                                     £8.25

Kamm & Sons                         £8.25

Midori                                      £8.25

Martini Bianco/Dry                   £8.25

Martini Rosso/Fiero                 £8.25

Martini Ambrato/Rubino           £8.25

Pimms no1                               £8.25

Sambuca                                  £8.25

Southern Comfort                     £8.25


Tequila & Mezcal

Del Maguey Vida                      £9

Don Julio 1942                         £22

Fortaleza Blanco                      £14      

Olmeca Altos reposado            £9

Patron Silver                            £11               £170

Patron XO coffee                     £8.5              £160

Reserve de la Familia              £16

Cabrito Blanco                         £8.5              £160




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